how to clean liquid laundry detergent out of carpet

  If your carpet accidentally lost in the wash solution, do not worry!Depending on how thick your carpet is pour some water on it. Don’t make a huge puddle or anything. Just enough to make it good and wet. Then get a wet/dry vac or a really good carpet cleaner and suck it up. You will need to repeat this several (and I mean LOTS) of times. It could take a few days.That’s a lot of soap! If you have stained the carpet blue or something you will have to look into stain removal before the carpet dries.

  Do not let anyone walk on it until it’s clean or you will have permanant marks. put a thick towel over it while not working on it and it will help soak up the water while it’s just sitting. Look at it this way: at least it’ll smell nice right there when you are done cleaning the mess.

  Or, go rent a carpet cleaning machine, like a Rug Doctor, and work on that space over and over and over. Use just clean water in the water/soap tank – you already have plenty of soap in the carpet! You’ll have to empty the dirty water cannister a lot as it foams up, so keep a close eye on it. I have seen an additive you can put in that container, though, to suppress foaming. It would probably be worth the effort to get some.